My name is Gordon, and I am a software developer from Wellington, New Zealand. I enjoy building great software that solves interesting problems and has a significant impact.

With this blog, I expect to share my thoughts and ideas on subjects related to software development. While themes will include development techniques and tools, we will also explore Ruby and other technologies. I hope you find what I share to be practical and engaging.

A little more about me

I am a graduate from Victoria University of Wellington with a double degree in Commerce and Science (BCA and BSc). My majors include Computer Science, Accounting, and Commercial Law.

Currently a developer at a growing software product (SaaS) company. In the past, I have designed and built web applications for New Zealand's energy industry. Generally, I appreciate all software development activities from analysis and design to testing and deployment.

When not tinkering with software or hardware, I am usually reading about an unusual topic, contributing to open source or learning something new. I am predominantly interested in the world of business, science, technology and internet culture.